interesting little project there.

it definitely looks to be dead but i think the same thing could be done with cygwin, ssh remote commands, and rsyncd. and if anyone is curious about how to deploy this on many PCs, i suggest looking into NSIS, which is the nullsoft installer. 

i use NSIS on my network to manager a couple hundred desktops and a couple dozen laptops.i use it to install deltacopy and the default configuration for backuppc to use.  i also deploy help files, remote desktop shortcuts, and even windows updates.

i am sure that quite a few people would benefit from having a client side setup wizard/installer.  i convenient way to setup windows PCs to run rsyncd and configure it for the network would be great.  i will attempt a generic installer and post it on the users mailing list when i get some time.

On 10/25/07, Olivier LAHAYE <> wrote:

Is BackuPCd project dead?

I know that one major feature of BackupPC is the ability to backup clients
without having to install software on the client itself, but in some cases,
it would be realy cool to backup openned files on windows computers like PST
BackupPCd brought such a hope, but since a long time, it looks dead.

Does BackupPC projects aims to have a solution for this kind of problem?

Best regards.

        Olivier LAHAYE
        Motorola Labs IT Manager
        Computer & Information Systems
        European Communications Research

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