Hi Craig

I've tweaked my en.pm file to use non-breaking spaces (HTML  ) instead of the normal (line-breakable) spaces. This further increases the chances of each host only taking up one line (instead of wrapping into two) in the Host Summary tables.

I do run my backuppc setup with small fonts, so I'm not sure what this does on larger fonts, or machines running 800x600 etc. However here are my changes:

# ------
# Hosts states and reasons
$Lang{Status_idle} = "idle";
$Lang{Status_backup_starting} = "backup starting";
$Lang{Status_backup_in_progress} = "backup
 in progress";
$Lang{Status_restore_starting} = "restore
$Lang{Status_restore_in_progress} = "restore
 in progress";
$Lang{Status_link_pending} = "link
$Lang{Status_link_running} = "link

$Lang{Reason_backup_done}    = "done";
$Lang{Reason_restore_done}   = "restore
$Lang{Reason_archive_done}   = "archive
$Lang{Reason_nothing_to_do}  = "idle";
$Lang{Reason_backup_failed}  = "backup
$Lang{Reason_restore_failed} = "restore
$Lang{Reason_archive_failed} = "archive
$Lang{Reason_no_ping}        = "no
$Lang{Reason_backup_canceled_by_user}  = "backup
 canceled by user";
$Lang{Reason_restore_canceled_by_user} = "restore
 canceled by user";
$Lang{Reason_archive_canceled_by_user} = "archive
 canceled by user";
$Lang{Disabled_OnlyManualBackups}  = "auto
$Lang{Disabled_AllBackupsDisabled} = "disabled";