I do have a dedicated drive that is not part of the OS. I was hoping that since I am doing a full backup that I could just reinstall the OS and then restore over top of it what I had backed up. Or I was thinking if there is a way I could use a live cd and setup all the partitions like they where before on the main hdd's and then restore the data from my backup hdd.

On 8/29/06, Barry Robinson <wolfster101@yahoo.com> wrote:
>From what I have read, it seems most use a second
machine to back up the backup server, myself included.

Should the backup host die, there is no other
alternative then to reload linux.  Hopefully you have
the backups going to a second drive.  You will have to
reinstall backuppc, point it to the previous
installation then restore from the that data or
restore from the other linux box.

Maybe someone else has another alternative but this is
my DR plan.

--- R G <rgspamthis@gmail.com> wrote:

> All,
>   I have had BackupPC running nicely now for a
> couple weeks and now I am
> looking for documentation on what the steps would be
> to restore the host box
> that is actually running the BackupPC app from
> scratch.
>   Since I am currently running my web apps on the
> same box as BackupPC I am
> hoping the restore procedure will be relatively
> painless. I am using the
> rsync method to perform my backups to a dedicated
> internal hard drive. Most
> of the documentation I found on this subject deal
> with utilizing a tar
> method of backup which brings me to my next question
> I want to slip in here.
>   Is tar a "better" method of performing backups
> then rsync? Thanks in
> advance for any assistance anyone can provide.
> Randy G.
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