Is there no way to tell Backup PC to skip open files?

On 10/31/05, Gwenn <> wrote:
> We're using BackupPC (current version) to backup our workstations,
> problem is that most staff leave the Outlook apps open at night, causing
> the backup to fail. Is there not any way that I can config BackupPC to
> skip open files and continue?
> This is the error we are getting.
> 2005-10-31 12:31:10 Backup failed on bronwen
> <> (Unexpected end
> of tar archive)
I suppose creating a separate share for Outlook files would be efficient...
I don't see any other Good Way (I suppose you could run a script on all
your workstations to nightly close Outlook...), but that definitely
doesn't mean there aren't.


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