BackupPC is defiantly not dead, a new beta was just released last week:
Version 3.1.0beta1 released on October 21st, 2007

I don't want to speak for the development team, but there has been much more developmental focus on keeping the software OS agnostic.

As for fancy windows-centric features like the open file/volume shadow copy , there's always a way to work around this and roll your own. Perhaps deploy ntbackup to backup open files and dump them into local stored backup files, which then get picked up by BackupPC?

On 10/25/07, Olivier LAHAYE < > wrote:

Is BackuPCd project dead?

I know that one major feature of BackupPC is the ability to backup clients
without having to install software on the client itself, but in some cases,
it would be realy cool to backup openned files on windows computers like PST
BackupPCd brought such a hope, but since a long time, it looks dead.

Does BackupPC projects aims to have a solution for this kind of problem?

Best regards.

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        Motorola Labs IT Manager
        Computer & Information Systems
        European Communications Research

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