I've managed to set up backuppc and make backups from windows pcs. I got one problem though. Some of my files got Greek filenames which cannot be read properly when browsing backups from the WEB GUI of backuppc, however when I restore the files, everything is restored properly. I guess the problem is the encoding that is used to serve the files. I've tried changing AddDefaultCharset in httpd.conf to UTF-8 but backuppc continues to view the page using ISO-8859-1 (Western). Normally it should be UTF8.

I have also tried to set UTF8 in config.pl using Conf{ClientCharset} = 'utf8'; but with no result. Actually this shouldn't be of any use since the transfer is done in UTF8, the problem is that my http server isn't viewing the Greek named files with the proper encoding. Am i right or is there something wrong with Backuppc ?

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