Hi David,

I am also using KVM and VM for the backuppc running on Ubuntu 12.04. It can run without issues but based on my observatio, you need to roughly allocate 1 core for 1 client that requires backup. For example if you have 10 clients then its better to allocate 10 cores. 

I got this through the NMON monitoring when multiple jobs are running at the same time.

Any other thoughts regading this is welcomed.

From: David Trebacz <david@trebacz.com>
To: backuppc-users@lists.sourceforge.net
Sent: Friday, December 27, 2013 10:54 AM
Subject: [BackupPC-users] Backuppc and KVM virtual machine

I decided to created a VM to move my backuppc installation.

New to KVM - just created a couple VM guests over Ubuntu Server 12.04.
Everything was running fine for several days with a fresh backuppc pool. Then I
came home to 2 stopped guest VM's. I tried to restart.

One won't since the virtual file system for it is gone -completely (backuppc
VM). The error when I try and start the backuppc VM is:

Error starting domain: Unable to allow access for disk path
/...../......qcow2: No such file or directory

I check on the host file system and there is no longer any file by that name
there... Nothing. As best I can estimate the backuppc VM was to about 20% of
disk capacity when it crashed and disappeared.

The second VM is fine. Both VM's used the qcow2 file format over an ext4 file
system. Both VM images are on the same drive and mount. Seemingly one has just
completely disappeared.

Am I wrong to use a VM server to store a complex file system like backuppc
uses? Should I build the VM to only hold the OS side of things - then mount
and external file system to hold my backuppc file system. I plan to store about
2TB of data is this VM. Based on my experiments, it seems I'd be better off
with a physical machine for this type of environment.

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