Hi Les, see below for my comments:

On Thursday, September 12, 2013 12:35 AM, Les Mikesell <lesmikesell@gmail.com> wrote:
On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 9:39 PM, Prem <squirrelj@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Les,
> I can try that but I really wonder why the scheduling is made so complicated
> yet it does not work as intended.

The scheme is intended to scale, letting the server control the
concurrency level since only it knows when other backups finish.  But,
I've never seen it 'not work' so I don't know what you are missing.
Are you using the web interface to modify the per-host configurations,
the global config, or both?  Is the server clock/date correct?  Do
you have so many targets that backups aren't completing in their
Prem: I realized the time was different for some clients and I corrected it but somehow even though the wakeuptime is at 6pm, the job starts around 5pm. I also have jobs starting at 8am when the blackout was set from 7am to 6pm. See below for the notice on the client page:
  • This PC is used by backuppc.
  • Last email sent to backuppc was at 9/2 01:08, subject "BackupPC: no recent backups on client-1".
  • Last status is state "idle" (idle) as of 9/17 23:00.
  • Pings to client-1 have succeeded 15 consecutive times.
  • Because client-1 has been on the network at least 0 consecutive times, it will not be backed up from 7:00 to 18:00 on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri.
To save the hassle and also to test the backups, I set the configs on the server level and not really on client specifics. I use the web to make the changes; is there anything wrong with that?

Most of my clients have small data and it completes within few hrs, which happen to be within the blackout window. I also set concurrent backups to around 7.

> May I ask your help to share the configuration for schedule for a new
> client? Perhaps I could start it from scratch for a new client and see how
> it behaves. I would like to do the following:
> Daily incremental starts at 6pm.

Immediately after the 'edit host' step where you add the new client,
go to that node page, 'stop' the backup (even though it is not
running) and set a number of hours to wait for the next run that will
make it start at approximately the right time.

Prem: I am going to try this very shortly and share how it went. But my worry about this approach is that, I need to manually customize the starting hours for every client i set so that it starts at that hour. Then it defeats the purpose of setting the wakeup and blackout...

> No backup to be done from 7am to 6pm on weekdays.

Assuming the first run starts and completes in the evening/night,
subsequent runs won't start until approximately 24 hours later.  This
should keep it on track until the goodcount has been satisified - and
then your blackout window will take effect.

> Weekly and montly full.

These are approximate, see the wiki if you really need that
fine-grained control.

Prem: Ok will review the wiki and revert for any questions.

> Retention of the backup is 1 year.

Approximate again.

> There could many configuration need to be set, which I hope you could state
> here. Just share the configuration items and what value to set for each.

Normally the only thing I change from the defaults related to
scheduling is the number of fulls to keep.

Prem; So meaning, I need to calculate the duration based on the number of full backups? May I also ask how it does the purging part?

  Les Mikesell