Ok, after letting a backup run after hours yesterday, I checked its status this morning and it still crapped out with the above error… I did a bit of skimming of the error log, and it looks to be sending errors on pretty much every single email from every person’s mailbox, even though they can’t all be open… it even errors out on my own emails, and I know mine weren’t open… anyone have any other insight into what might be the problem causing this, or perhaps where I can change the 50001 limit?  When I browse the directory tree under backuppc/pc/<server>/<backup#> it seems to be writing entries for all of the emails even though it throwing errors for all of them… and after looking through the code that throws those errors, it seems that if the file sizes don’t match from the initial call for the file and the actual transfer of the file, it either pads the file with 0’s or truncates it to make the header match the file size… for now I’ve just taken my mail share out of the backup, our data directory backups up flawlessly, shows 0 errors at the end of its run, and I’m sure people actually leave those files open, since we have VPN users that open files, work on them for a while, and go to sleep to work on them in the morning… it’s my understanding that backuppc just recognizes if there’s a locked file and returns a 0x0 value for it and then strips it from the archive, as per one of Craig Barratt’s emails this morning, and since Outlook only queries our Exchange server for message headers, without actually opening the messages until you select a particular one, it shouldn’t even read those emails as being open… I’m just flustered, so I’m hoping someone has a solution for this J Like I said yesterday, I do a separate backup of our IS to the same backup server on a different share via ntbackup from the Windows server, but it’s nice to have a brick level via backuppc in case someone loses a single email… Thanks in advance for any help J


Richard Lindsey