Yeah, I see now that it is hard links. So this is deffenitly how it's suppose to work then obviously. In the past, I have always seen backuppc not use hard links at all. That is, it copies all the files that have changed, and then just leaves them there. If I do a `du` on one of the incremental directories, it would only show up the amount of space that the incrementals actually used. Any ideas why it would have done that?

On Tue, 2003-12-23 at 00:52, daniel.poelzleithner wrote:
Ben wrote:
> Ok it seems it is working correctly, but I'm confused about something.
> Currently I have the directores 45 - 57. Each directory contains 1.9gb 
> of space, except for the 45 directory which is the full backup, takes up 
> 4.2gb. So you would think that, 1.9gb multiplied by al the directories 
> (12) would be a total of at least 25gb. But no, doing a du -hs on all 
> the directories, I get a total of 5.5gb. I was sure though that when I 
> tested BackupPC previously, each directory would only contain the 
> incrementals. So whats going on here? are these hard links?

These are Hardlinks to the pool or cpool directory. Look in the Readme 
for more details.