Ahhh ok. If it was to be a windows server though, where there is noone actually physically using it, how many open files would there be? all shares would be backed up, and exchange mailboxes (exchange and Active Directory to be backed up with ntbackup). So, I think it will work fine on a server, because the files wont actually be locked (I don't think).
I don't suppose rsync will ever be able to read open files hey?

On Wed, 2003-10-29 at 04:39, cbarratt@users.sourceforge.net wrote:
Doudou writes:

> > Unfortunately rsync-2.5.6 doesn't report an error when it cannot
> > read portions of a locked file on cygwin/WinXX.  Blocks of 0x0
> > data are transferred instead.
> So, the recommended transport for WinXX is still samba even if rsyncd
> can be used?

Rsync is still ok, but you need to understand the risks.  In either
case locked files will not be backed up.  For Samba the locked files
will be removed from the backup and an older version of the file (if
available) will be linked to.  For rsync the locked file will appear
to be backed up but won't be correct.


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