after a few years using backuppc on a local storage (internal HDDs) I’ve moved the pool into an external location connected through NFS.

Since moving the entire pool/cpool/pc was about to take a few days (!) I decided to try and use the new location from scratch (without moving the backups history).


but now, backups tend to not… finish…
without an error, just taking too long.


I have 10 PCs, all of them linux.

6 out of them have a large amount of data, which I would understand the long backups time. but from the first backups I get this:

·         Full backup took ~570 minutes on Aug. 25th

·         Incr. backup too ~625 minutes on Aug. 26th


next incremental backup never finished up until Aug 29th where I decided to stop it.

I rebooted the backuppc machine, and started another manual incremental backups at 16:00… still running (meaning, 21 hours and counting).



There are three options, I can think of, where the problem could be:

1.     NFS/Pool side.

2.     the PC being backed up.

3.     the BackupPC machine.


none of those seem to have any high CPU/RAM usage or even IO, so I really don’t know where the problem actually is.


Could anyone help please?