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Subject: Re: [BackupPC-users] Communicating with a windows laptop on my workgroup


Michael Stowe wrote:


>> Does it actually resolve via DNS?


>> This is a home network so to be honest, I wouldn't even know how to go

>> about testing this.  My laptop is associate to a Workgroup and my Linux

>> server has a static IP address within the 192.168.15.x range.  I can ping

>> the laptop by ip address but I am not sure what it's normal address would

>> be.  For example, would it be laptop1.workgroup.com ?


> Probably not.  Somewhere on your network you've got a DHCP server that's

> giving your laptop an IP address, and there's probably a DNS server that's

> either being updated directly by your laptop (Windows does that) or by

> your DHCP server.


> At any rate, to find out, open a command window on your Windows box and type:


> ipconfig


> Which should yield a "connection-specific DNS suffix."


> Workgroups/WINS is -quite- different, and entirely unrelated.


For a network with only a few machines, the easiest approach might be to

configure the router/dhcp server to give out fixed IP addresses based on the

known ethernet MAC addresses.   Most home routers have a simple web interface

and the ability to configure this.  They may also offer to provide DNS, but for

a couple of machines it doesn't matter - you can just set dhcp to 0 in backuppc

and put the IP address in ClientAlias.


That's a good idea. I'll check that out as it would be much simpler.  I'll only ever have 3-4 laptops that I'll want to consider backing up.



   Les Mikesell




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