After setting this up, I had to leave town for work.  Looking at the log, I have a question..


Using SMB, a full backup was taking about 3.5 hours and an incremental about 10 minutes on a particular client.

When I switched to ssh/rsync (Cygwin on Win7), a full was about the same and so were incrementals!  That was a pretty drastic increase in the time for an incremental to complete.  But now I think the SMB based full and incrementals have dropped out of the pool and yesterday’s incremental was only 2 hours and todays was 20 minutes.


Is this normal for rsync to operate this way?


I did expect some ssh overhead as Les had mentioned, but I didn’t expect it to be large, I was a bit concerned a first but now that it has been running for a week, it seems to be “calming down”.


Just trying to understand what is going on in the background I guess.  Thanks.


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Well.. that was easy!  Per all the instructions out there (and the reliable 3 I was reading all say to do it..) had me set the CYGWIN=netsec tty, obviously that wasn't needed.  I changed the line to remove the tty option and logins no longer gave me the "error banner".  Looks like the incremental backup went fine!  Now on to the other machines.


Thanks ... again ...  almost there, but now that this worked the rest SHOULD be easy.

On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 12:54 PM, Les Mikesell <> wrote:

On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 6:02 AM, Travis Schwenke
<> wrote:
> Well, I didn't do what I said, I attacked one of the windows boxes first.
> Then I kicked off a incremental backup.  I think the charset setting might
> be wrong:
>> incr backup started back to 2013-01-19 09:00:00 (backup #7) for directory
>> /cygdrive/c
>> Running: /usr/bin/ssh -q -x -l xxxxx tas-travis /usr/bin/rsync --server
>> --sender --numeric-ids --perms --owner --group -D --links --hard-links
>> --times --block-size=2048 --recursive . /cygdrive/c/
>> Xfer PIDs are now 18410
>> Got remote protocol 2037675042
>> Fatal error (bad version): "tty" option detected in CYGWIN environment
>> variable.
>> CYGWIN=tty is no longer supported.  Please remove it from your
>> CYGWIN environment variable and use a terminal emulator like mintty,
>> xterm, or rxvt.
>> Sent include: /Users

Backuppc can't deal with any output sent before rsync starts - it is
interpreting that message as the rsync protocol version number and
nothing is going to work after that.   Try to fix your cywin
environment so you don't get any messages as you connect.

   Les Mikesell


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