Backup Monitor / News: Recent posts

1.3.0 to be released soon.

1.3 adds the ability to do incremental and full backups (increments are based off the full backup) as well as added support for easily identifying hosts/backup jobs.

Posted by Matt Freitag 2007-02-02

1.2.0 Released


* Added MySQL support for logging.
* Cleaned up Email Notifications.
* Fixed null additions and whitespace issue.
* Installer [install.php], fills in most config fields automagically for you.
* Configurable log size rotation.
* Updated PID check, now relies on Unix::PID. cleanliness.
* RSYNC STDERR now redirected for email notifications.

Posted by Matt Freitag 2006-01-24

1.2.0 Coming Shortly

Fixes, added SQL logging support, some new graphics, etc. Expect it by the weekend.

Posted by Matt Freitag 2006-01-19

Upcoming Features, leading to 2.0.0

Hopefully the next few releases will include:

* Minimal restore capability.
* Expanded options (as we lack many still)
* TaskIDs
* Configurability of email to be per task, or per entire backup execution.
* Configuration of Cron jobs, and automatic insertion.

I plan to incrementally add functionality, but I've got a lot of projects at work/on the side, along with our new born baby boy [noah!] to balance, so no promises on when they're added

Posted by Matt Freitag 2005-08-13

1.1.0 Released

Backup Monitor 1.1.0 has been released, this has the addition of a web interface. Originally BackupMon and the interface were seperate packages, they are now bundled together in 1.1.0 making this installation somewhat easier.

Posted by Matt Freitag 2005-08-09

Web Interface Released

This interface enables administrators to modify, add, and delete backup tasks carried out by the BackupMon scripts.
This aims to make remote backups with Rsync across multiple servers, or file systems configurable in seconds.

Posted by Matt Freitag 2005-08-08

Web Interface to come

Began a quick little web interface to be used in the configuration of backupmon, simplifying the setup process even further. Database logging/configuration is on hold until completion.

Posted by Matt Freitag 2005-07-21

SQL support to be implemented

I wrote a different type of rsync backup handler previous to this, and it was purely to SQL logging -- I'll probably add SQL reporting shortly, for those of you who aren't keen on email reports.

Posted by Matt Freitag 2005-07-18


backupmon-1.0.0-alpha has been released, it's ``semi-stable''. :P

Posted by Matt Freitag 2005-07-14