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2002-09-19 Changes

2002-09-19 ddarko
* Cpp/16/KioPIT.h:
* Cpp/16/KioPPI.h:
* Cpp/KBeep.h:
* Cpp/Samples/Utilities/Src/TsBeep.cpp:
* Cpp/Samples/Utilities/Src/TsMain.cpp:
* Cpp/Samples/Utilities/Utilities.dsp:
Just added

* Cpp/KTypedef.h:
Fixed uint8

* Cpp/KFindRes.h.bak:
Just deleted

Posted by Darko Kolaković 2002-09-19

New methods added

StrTrim(LPTSTR szSource)
ReplaceSpaces(LPTSTR szSource)
PlaySound(const UINT nIDS,HINSTANCE hIns)

Posted by Darko Kolaković 2002-09-10

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