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Blogs on Excel/ERPJeweles/Baan

Here is some informative blogs on Baan / Excel / ERPJewels

Blogs covers among others ,excel assisted reporting strategy , Excel training resources , Excel add-ins from MS / Oracle , ERPJewels add-ons .

Posted by Hitesh Shah 2009-05-26

Just do it in excel

By combining the complementary advantages of cripting in Baan and scripting in vba , ERPJewels has this strategy deeply rooted in its design for 5 years . Happy reading .

Posted by Hitesh Shah 2009-03-23

MS Excel - Reporting tool for reporting tool

Due to extreme ease of use and flexibility, almost all the reporting tools in the world are trying to be compatible to MS Excel and deliver the output in MS Excel format. ERPJewels has deployed this reporting tool of reporting tools directly OLTP Baan elminating one extra layer . For more information , please see

Posted by Hitesh Shah 2007-12-27

Wonders of Baan

Baan has wonderful functions and features. Over period years , Jewelex has discovered many tricks and techniques on Baan (besides ERPJewels reporting tool ) which are of very great use to any Baan developer on versions . For information , please see

Posted by Hitesh Shah 2007-12-27

User defined functions in Baan

Using user defined functions or custom busines logic writtin in omni-potent Baan 4GL language as an analysis filed or filter condition , is a dream come true for a Baan developer . With ERPJewels it's possible with extreme ease .

For more information, please see

Posted by Hitesh Shah 2007-12-26

Experts perspectives on XL/ BI

Experiences and opinions of experts are very important in evolving or creating a working effective BI strategy. Also XL or spreadsheets are very important in BI reporting . Here is detailed assessments of experts on BI and XL .

Posted by Hitesh Shah 2007-12-24

ERPJewels is now Opensource

ERPJewels is opensource under LGPL . As per the majority requests of volunteers - mainly from consulting organizations , mailing list has been disabled .

For more information please see. .

Posted by Hitesh Shah 2007-12-24