azsmrc tray bug

  • draggy

    draggy - 2007-10-16

    I thought I might as well mention it even though you probably already know about this bug.

    When you connect to the remote machine with azsmrc, right clicking on the system tray icon works fine. but if you disconnect (or get disconnected) and reconnect, you can no longer right click on the tray icon. To get the tray to work again, I have to restart azsmrc.

    I'm using the latest azsmrc beta but I've noticed this bug in all of the previous versions as well.

    • draggy

      draggy - 2007-10-17

      also the disable popups check doesn't seem to work right....doesn't come unchecked, yet still displays popups.

    • coreying

      coreying - 2007-12-10

      Yeah - you're not the only one who gets this bug. I get it too. It's kinda annoying as there are a few options only accessible from this method, so it forces you to have to restart it.


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