Features missing in AzSMRC???

  • Leonard Brünings

    I just wanted to ask this:
    Is there any new Uber feature in Azureus (CVS) that needs to be added to AzSMRC?
    Just list them in this thread with a small description and a small
    statement why this feat is needed.

    • theturtle

      theturtle - 2007-03-05

      azsmrc is awesome :)  only thing I wish it could do is create torrent files. Like azureus does, browse the remote directory and select a file or directory.  I have to start Gui azureus to do this *ugh* :D

    • edwardecl

      edwardecl - 2007-03-12

      Viewing information about who is connected to you is always nice although not required.

    • coreying

      coreying - 2007-03-28

      I too love AzSMRC but there are a few things which I think would be great additional features.

      1) The ability to modify the Azureus 'Queue' configuration settings remotely.
      2) I know it's not your plug in, but the ability to at least turn off the 'Azureus Speed Scheduler' would be handy.
      3) Access to remotely admin the ScaneRSS settings from the server (but from my understanding, this is in the to do list already).

    • coreying

      coreying - 2007-04-19

      4) The ability to right click on multiple torrents and still be able to set the down/up speeds
      5) AzSMRC doesn't show which torrents are 'forced' - it'd be nice if it differentiated between normal and forced downloading/seeding.

    • Mnirr

      Mnirr - 2007-04-20

      1) the ability to add a torrent on the remote server as seeding and change the destination of individual files like in Azureus when opening a torrent
      2) the rename/retarget function when viewing the individual files in a torrent
      3) the ability to create/seed/host torrents on the remote server

    • Leonard Brünings

      Mnirr regarding the third request there is already My Tracker there.
      Check out Tools->My Tracker

      coreying 5) well it does show which torrents are forced when you rclick on them the Force Start option should be highlighted.

    • coreying

      coreying - 2007-05-02

      Yeah, I realise it shows you when you rightclick on them. It'd just be nice if it said it in the torrent list, cause if you have 20 odd torrents seeding, it can be annoying to right click on them all individually to see which ones are forced or not.

    • mephistofun

      mephistofun - 2007-09-06

      I'd like to see a Category column and the ability to assign categories in AzSMRC.  I noticed that it is in the requested features list but nobody is assigned.  It's just a little thing but it helps me keep track of which torrents I will seed for a long time.  This is an awesome plugin btw.  Just discovered it yesterday and its by far the best remote controller I've used.

    • HuBa

      HuBa - 2007-09-10

      I need Category Assignment ability for torrents. This is my only wish :)

      Thank you for making AzSMRC, it's a great project

    • coreying

      coreying - 2007-09-24

      A feature that is missing is that although you get a popup message when a torrent is finished, there is no popup message when a torrent is added. When ScaneRSS adds a torrent to the download list, Azureus puts a popup, but AzSMRC doesn't. It'd be nice to have this option.

    • Cosmie

      Cosmie - 2008-03-27

      I agree with coreying that being able to access Azureus' built in queuing settings would be very nice.

      As well, the setting where you tell it what percentage to seed to would be a nice addition.

    • draggy

      draggy - 2008-07-10

      I'd like to see the ability to add torrents with https:// from the "add torrent from url" button. Currently azsmrc doesn't like to download https torrent files.

    • Leonard Brünings

      could you mail me some urls for testing?

    • VtDmhD

      VtDmhD - 2009-07-24

      1) The add torrent dialog lacks functionality of quick multiple file selection/deselection (eg select only one folder with lots of files within it is rather difficult)
      2) It would be great to import userlist from some locations, such as mySQL database

  • Vitaliy Nosov

    Vitaliy Nosov - 2010-03-22

    AzSMRC is great! What i miss at it:
    1. Ability to sort files of torrent by Name, Size, Done, %, # of Pieces, Priority columns
    2. Ability to edit tracker urls of torrent
    3. It would be nice if urls in "comment" field could be opened by browser with a single click as it done for "tracker url" field.
    4. Ability to set download/upload speed limits by categories (as it done with rutorrent frontend for rtorrent)


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