• Leonard Brünings

    Please exchange your thoughts here.

    • midna

      midna - 2006-12-30

      Is idea still running, if so how do I access it?

    • Leonard Brünings

      Well you should be able to access via your Azureus IP/DNS, eg http(s)://
      you may need to modify the port according to your settings and use https if you have enabled ssl.
      It should ask for a password and show the WebUI then.

    • midna

      midna - 2007-01-03

      It doesn't seem to work... I have azureus running on with the azsmrc plugin running on it. So than from a client machine I should be able to go to ? Would the html webui interfere with it (its running on port 8080)?

      I don't have ssl or https on the azureus machine but I tried the https thing and it didn't work either.

    • Leonard Brünings

      No the HTML WebUI doesn't interfere with it.
      Do you get a blank page or an error?

    • midna

      midna - 2007-01-08

      I get a 404 error message.

    • Henrique

      Henrique - 2007-02-18


      i can log into the webui of azsmrc
      but it only displays a page written 'Hallo Welt!!! (Intern)'
      with a box below, and a button named 'Senden'
      I guess it's german.
      What i'm supposed to do from this page?

      • Leonard Brünings

        Which version of AzSMRC are you using?

    • Henrique

      Henrique - 2007-02-21

      version 0.9.8 (running on windows)

      • Leonard Brünings

        Well you might have noticed this is a Beta forum.
        The Webui currently works only in the Beta.

    • edwardecl

      edwardecl - 2007-03-12

      The webui is good, in fact the best webui I have used for Azureus good job!

    • draggy

      draggy - 2007-03-19

      Nice webui. I like the javascript and the advanced options.

      What I would really like to see is priority control of separate files within a torrent, individual torrent up/down speed, and different colors.

      Sometimes the open dialogs are annoying, and I think some of them should just be "normal" menus. Such as a right click on a torrent shouldn't open a javascript window, but just a normal sliding menu (like if you right clicked on your desktop).

      That's just my opinion though :)

    • Wael

      Wael - 2007-04-27

      I also like the webUI, but the page isn't that good in Opera browser, I use opera on x86 Linux machine.

      Nice work though :)


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