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  • midna

    midna - 2006-12-31

    Well I got everything running like a dream on my windows machine (clientside) and now I'm working on my linux laptop and I'm running into a problem where azsmrc doesn't show any information about the seeds. It shows little grey circles to indicate they exist, but no text beside them, and no green circles for ones that are currently seeding.

    Whenever azsmrc gets the hashes from the server it also gets back this message.

    DEBUG [Thread-25] ( - Connection State: 2

    The thread increments with every send as well. So the next time it sends the hashes it would print...

    DEBUG [Thread-26] ( - Connection State: 2

    Also sometimes it spits out:

    DEBUG [Thread-53] ( - Connection State: 2
    DEBUG [Thread-12] ( - Timer: GUI mode
    DEBUG [Thread-54] ( - Connection State: 1
    DEBUG [Thread-54] ( - Request (123B):
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Request version="1.0">
      <Query switch="globalStats" />
      <Query switch="updateDownloads" />

    • midna

      midna - 2006-12-31

      the colored circles work (I had the torrents paused, stupid me). Still no text though.

    • deuteros

      deuteros - 2007-02-13


      Where can i download new beta builds from?
      For example build



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