Switch to scanerss to disable for X hours

  • Croft

    Croft - 2007-10-19

    If at all possible, I'd like to see a switch added to the filter rules in ScaneRSS that would disable the rule matching for a set period of time after it has matched once.

    Ie, if I've set a filter to download "torrent x", that filter should trigger normally but then set a "cooldown timer" during which it would not trigger regardless of whether or not there were any torrents matching it. That timer should also be able to switch the filter back "on" after the time period has run out.

    This would be a way to match on content that shows up on a schedule but is either improperly named or just has no episode info or some such. It's not uncommon for me to download the same content twice, in spite of hash checking, assuming the same content is packaged differently (which it often is.)

    • Alex Malinovich

      Alex Malinovich - 2007-10-19

      I think a better way to handle this is to allow for better filtering on filenames. I've noticed that additional numbers in the name often get interpreted as version numbers, causing multiple copies to be downloaded. I have a show that downloaded 3 different copies, one with just S##E##, one with 720p in the title, and one with 1080p in the title.

      I'm currently working on a patch to add specific versioning rules to the interface, so that you can specify what does and does not constitute a newer version of a show. No guarantees on time frame though. I've been poking at both AzSMRC and ScaneRSS for a while now but I have yet to get any usable coding done due to lack of time.

    • Leonard Brünings

      Just want to say that ScaneRSS has an improved number clean up and version support in the recent betas.
      And don't forget that you can define your own matching rules for the DownloadHistory.


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