• Alex Malinovich

    Alex Malinovich - 2007-10-15

    I was just getting the most recent build of AzSMRC and I noticed there's a ScaneRSS_AzSMRC in there. I'm assuming this is the AzSMRC plugin for ScaneRSS? I've got ScaneRSS_AZ set up and working in my Azureus, but I can't figure out what to do with the AzSMRC plugin.

    Is it a plugin for the AzSMRC remote or a plugin for the plugin, as it were? I tried adding it into the directory where I have the local plugin installed but it doesn't do anything. Going to local plugins in the remote doesn't show it either. And looking through the source, it doesn't look like most of the local plugin code is even done yet. So... what exactly do I do with this file? :)


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