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  • giantjoebot

    giantjoebot - 2010-02-28

    This fixes a lot of issues with AzSMRC

    You need to update the swt.jar file from this website

    If you're running a 64bit OS then click on more and find the x64 version

    Then make sure AzSMRC is not running

    Open the folder that AzSMRC is installed in, and replace the swt.jar file with the one you downloaded

    This wil fix a lot of issues people are having.  I wish there was a way for this to automatically update

  • Tom Müller

    Tom Müller - 2010-03-02

    You tip is greatly appreciated but for the sake of "searchability" could you please elaborate which "lot of issues" it fixes.

  • giantjoebot

    giantjoebot - 2010-03-02

    Well for one thing, I don't get the error messages all the time like I use to.

    It just works better.  I use to get weird issues all the time, like torrents not deleting, and things like that, and now I don't seem to have any problems.  azsmrc works great now.  I've only been using this fix for a short period of time, but I haven't had an issue since.  I actually found out about it when I looked up how to install azsmrc on Ubuntu Linux.

    You have to use the 64bit swt.jar if you are using a 64bit operating system.  I htink I saw that one on here, somone could get it to install in a 64bit operating system.


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