Flash based UI, anyone want one ?

  • David

    David - 2008-02-28


    I've been using azsmrc for a while and really like it. Only thing I dont like is the web user interface. I often cant or dont want to install the azsmrc client on every PC I use.
    I'm having a go at a adobe flash/flex based UI, that would be served by the azureus web server and loaded by the browsers flash plugin.

    I know that not everyone likes flash ( I often hate it ) but using Flex its pretty easy to use the existing XML-RPC that azsmrc is using.
    flex SDK is free (soon to be released under Mozilla license), runs on windows/linux/mac, and only requires the standard flash plugin in the clients browser.
    I've got a basic UI up already (just listing current torrents). I just add it into the azsmrc plugin jar file. With a little more work I'd say It can look a fair bit like the java azsmrc client, but in your browser.

    Does this sound useful to anyone ?

    So far the only problem I'm having is the web server doesnt send the correct mime content-type so it's working fine in IE, but asking to be downloaded in firefox.
    I've had a quick look at the azsmrc code and can see response content types being set in RequestManager.java, should I be setting the appropriate content type for .swf files there ? or is there a better way ?

    Thanks again for azsmrc !

    • Leonard Brünings

      Well there is an easier way to inject code than to put it in the jar.
      Just go into the plugin dir and create a directory "web" all files in there will be at the root level of the azsmrc website.
      They overwrite the ones in the jar so you can even replace the index.html this way.

      I'm interested in this flash ui. If it looks promising it may become official if you want to take care of that.
      So send me a copy and I'll have a look.

      If you have any questions feel free to ask.


      • David

        David - 2008-02-28

        yes, that will be a much easier way than updating the jar. thanks.

        I'll upgrade to the beta and have a look at the new way of setting content-types.

        is there any good way to figure out what XML I should be sending/receiving for the different calls ?
        I've figured out some of the basics by reading what the azsmrc client outputs on the console (using linux on client and server).
        I tried the wireshark packet sniffer, but it doesnt decode gzip'd http responses.
        I'm also using the firefox Poster plugin [1] to do some XML-RPC requests, it works pretty well.
        I don't suppose there is any documentation ?

        I'll make the UI/code a little better first and then send it to you

        [1] https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2691

        • Leonard Brünings

          >I don't suppose there is any documentation ? 
          You guessed right.

          For a complete listing I suggest looking at the source.


          line 438 - eof

          If you have any trouble with a Handler feel free to ask.

    • Leonard Brünings

      About the mime type if you are using the recent beta you will notice that we have outsourced the mimetype guessing to Az.
      I dropped parg a mail so swf will be added soon.

      For now you could check out both projects and add the mimetype yourself in Az.




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