DrOctopu5 - 2009-09-22

1) Torrents correctly move from downloading pane to seeding pane when finished, but don't move back up to d/l pane if new files have been switched from Do Not Download to Normal, for instance.  In other words, torrents aren't always in the correct pane when compared to the server.  Refresh doesn't fix this, only a disconnect/reconnect from Azsmrc.

2) Changing file priority (High/Normal/DoNotDownload/Delete) does not always work.  I haven't been able to pin down exactly when/why this happens, but it does seem like changes are more ineffective the more files that are selected.  Sometimes file priority changes do work, but they're not reflected in Azsmrc, sometimes they just don't happen at all.  Works fine when using the server UI.

I'm using Azsmrc on XP, connecting to a local machine with Azureus on W2K.  I get the impression Azsmrc isn't in active development, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

I haven't posted on this project before, so I'd also like to say how useful it is.  I run Azureus on an older machine and OS so it basically dominates the machine, making browsing for torrents and using the UI on it a tedious process.  Adding torrents from my main machine and barely having to touch the server is great - so thanks!