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Bug or my machine. Uncheck File to download

  • Justin

    Justin - 2006-09-27

    Azsmrc 0.9.8 crash when i uncheck the file i dun wish to download before send torrent

    here is what happend.
    1. Download the torrent from a site
    2. Double click and open Send torrent windows
    3. Uncheck the file i dun wish to download. The first i uncheck, AZSMRC crash.

    Error log
    java.lang.NullPointerException: Name is null
        at java.lang.Enum.valueOf(Unknown Source)
        at$Type.valueOf(Unknown Source)
        at lbms.azsmrc.remote.client.swtgui.RCMain.init(
        at lbms.azsmrc.remote.client.swtgui.RCMain.start(
        at lbms.azsmrc.remote.client.swtgui.RCMain.launch(
        at Source)

    • cTd - Crash Test Dummy

      Selective downloading works for me on Linux and Windows using the latest versions of Azureus beta, AzSMRC and the SWT libraries from Sun.

      Does this error occur if you select "Add a torrent.." from AzSMRC's menu?

      Or only if you double click a .torrent ?

    • gabel

      gabel - 2007-03-02

      Hmm. Same problem for me and a friend. Thats very sad, coz i choosed Azureus + AzSMRC especially coz it got this and some other features, which the newest Torrentflux Version for Windows does not have.

      Someone else with AzSMRC Client Crashes while tryin select files?

      • gabel

        gabel - 2007-03-02


        Using AzSMRC Version 0.9.8 + Remote on Azureus


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