amenophis - 2012-05-08

Hi all,

I don't see much recent activity regarding this wonderfull Azureus plugin.

I would like to know  if these two implementations would be something possible:

1) Quotas:
In a Multi User environment, it could me great to implement Quotas for downloads. Like user "Ted" would have a DL quota of 10GB. While reaching this amount of DL datas, he would still be allowed to add new torrents, but the message "DL Quota Reached" would appear in every torrents ETA column..

This Quotas would be defined by the admin only on the User Management window..

2) Users Management.
Maybe a non-crypted MultiUserConfig.xml would be great, this way we could dynamically add new users using crons, batchs.. notepad…
For bulk add-remove of user and their rights & quotas.

Hope this message reach someone still active on this project :)

Again, wonderful plugin.

see ya