why update interval is limited to 3s?

  • Paczesiowa

    Paczesiowa - 2007-03-06

    why update interval has minimum delay of 3 seconds? I would like to shorten that to 1 second (or even less) because it is the only thing that reminds me that this application doesnt run directly n my computer.

    both my machines have enough power to handle 3 times greater system load and they are on the same LAN so there is plenty of bandwidth left.

    • Leonard Brünings

      Well we can lower the limit down to 1 sec but not less.

      I would suggest turning fastmode on.

    • Paczesiowa

      Paczesiowa - 2007-03-08

      I have fastmode turned on. But I would appreciate lowering that limit. thanks in advance.

      • Leonard Brünings

        Well in the new Beta it is 500ms, you can make some performance tests for us.

    • Paczesiowa

      Paczesiowa - 2007-03-10


      looks like it doesn't have impact at azureus machine system load. machine with azsmrc has higher load (about 5-15% more) but it's nothing to be afraid of, besides we have azsmrc minimized almost all the time and can have another interval.

      One thing to fix is that icon on bottom-right corner (and icon from system tray). with 500ms it blinks too fast which is not nice. perhaps it should stay as "connected" (icon with lightning) as long as everything is ok. and revert to something else after 2-3 connection failures.


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