Embedded Python and MacOSX 10.8 compatibility

Yesterday, I noticed that the current MusicPlayer build does not work on MacOSX 10.8. I'm on MacOSX 10.9 since some time and a month ago, I added back MacOSX 10.6 support, where I started to use an own embedded Python build (see here for details).

It turns out that I still added Python paths to the system Python at startup. And this turned out to be necessary to make it work at all because the embedded Python lacked quite some modules. Funilly, it seems to be broken only on MacOSX 10.8 and works on 10.6 and 10.9 (didn't tested on 10.7). It took a while to add module after module and stumble through all the error messages at runtime or at compiling, but finally this does it: Changes on embedded Python branch and changes on MusicPlayer.

This version is online now: MusicPlayer-MacApp-20131229-1-b6c33d5.zip. It doesn't use any of the system Python anymore, so it should be completely independent on that. So hopefully it runs on all MacOSX 10.6-10.9 (and upcoming) (only 10.9 tested so far).

There went also quite some other work on some lockfree structures into it which are incomplete though to be usable. I will cover this whole topic in another post.

Posted by Albert Zeyer 2013-12-29 Labels: macosx python

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