#13 get_time() in yahoo.c doesn't compile in Win32


After checking 0.4.5-7 out from cvs, Ayttm did not
compile correctly in MinGW on Win32. The problem was
in the get_time() function in modules/yahoo2/yahoo.c
The function gettimeofday() does not seem to exist in
Windows. I did some checking around and found the
struct _timeb and function _ftime() that seem to do the
same thing. I have uploaded a patch that changes the
get_time() function if __MINGW32__ is defined. Also
the file <sys/timeb.h> needed to be included. Ayttm
complied just fine with these changes, but I have not
tested to see if it works correctly. I don't have a
webcam, and I don't know what I could do to make
Ayttm call this function. From the documentation that I
read, though, it seems like this should work. I added
comments noting what changes I made; feel free to
remove them if you prefer not to have them.

Jonathan (plasmoidia)


  • Jonathan Berry

    Jonathan Berry - 2003-12-12

    Patch to fix compile error in yahoo.c under Win32

  • Philip S Tellis

    Philip S Tellis - 2003-12-12

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    the webcam stuff still won't work, because i'm missing one
    packet - the one that tells the server that the webcam is
    on. I need someone to send me that capture.

    thanks for the patch.

  • Philip S Tellis

    Philip S Tellis - 2003-12-12
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