#54 Yahoo Profile Handling

Yahoo (7)

I have a really annoying gripe with ayttm's yahoo
handling, and I've mentioned it onlist before but :

If someone contacts me on my more current yahoo id
(added to my first id a long time ago) - ayttm should
respond as that ID. It currently doesn't, it responds
on my original id - the rather less anonymous,
uninventive ranyardm

I notice on the official yahoo! client, there's a drop
list in the chat window for profiles, that would be
handy to have in ayttm, as would an indication of which
profile the person initiated the message to.

A feature that would make it less annoying, and would
be useful even after something was implemented would be
a "set profile after login" so that the default
behaviour can be set rather than every login having to
"Set Profile"