#47 Inconsistent Popup


Preface: I am using Ayttm since it is one of the only IM
iterations that will pop-up when an in-progress
conversation that is minimized receives a response. With
that said...

I have users complain that the pop-up does not, well,
pop-up. When I walk over and have them initiate a
new chat and test it, well, of course it seems to work
ok. However, I have had several similar experiences in
my own use where I have a chat minimized, someone
responds, and it does not pop-up. It usually pops-up,
but not always. Is this a simple misunderstanding of the
parameters? If I am typing in an active MS Excel
document and someone responds to my IM will it simply
flash and not popup?


Win XP (all current patches, etc.), Office XP (all current
patches), Ayttm 4.6.1 release dated 1/22/04


  • Edward L. Haletky

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    AYTTM is not designed to popup at the moment. It never has
    for me, it just flashes. We can add that as a future feature.

  • Eric

    Eric - 2004-03-15

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    Very interesting. In Preferences there is an option for "raise
    chat window when receiving a message". It usually works
    pretty well. It is an item that actually sets your product
    apart from all others right now.


  • Philip S Tellis

    Philip S Tellis - 2004-03-15

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    i think there's some confusion here. Eric is talking about
    the chat window popping up, while Edward is talking about
    ayttm popping up.

    Yes, the chat window does get raised, and this works
    perfectly on linux (sometimes too perfectly for my likes).
    How it works on windows is anyone's guess. Gtk is not a
    native windows ui toolkit, and Gtk+1.2 is definitely
    deprecated. Chances are that some things aren't going to
    work as expected.

    We're working on many things, but windows isn't our forte,
    with just Edward working on it. If anyone could help him
    out with development, that would be great.

  • Edward L. Haletky

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    Actually I was talking about the Chat window popup. Quite
    frankly I have never seen it work. I never worried about it,
    but like putting AYTTM into the tray it is on the list of
    things to add/reinvent for windows.

  • Philip S Tellis

    Philip S Tellis - 2004-03-16
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  • Edward L. Haletky

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  • Siddhesh Poyarekar

    Closing as out of date. The windows port has not been maintained for some time now.