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  • Jacob Lee Anawalt


    I didn't know if this is something I've done wrong or a bug, so I'm posting here first.

    When I try to connect to MSN, Ayttm seems to connect to The first time it connected it transfered my contact list down from the server. Then ayttm gets redirected to another random server and it will keep attempting to connect for as long as I've been willing to wait (up to an hour.)

    It is aware enough of MSN connection status that if I connect with MSN Messenger on another computer, or with Gaim on this one, it pops up a message "MSN Error: You have logged into MSN twice at once. Your MSN session will now terminate."

    If I reconnect with ayttm, it kicks the other connection off, and attempts to connect.

    After I have connected with Gaim and then with Ayttm, MSN Messenger logged in with a different account will show my account 'online', but will return "The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:" when I try to send a message.

    If I disconnect Ayttm (cancle the "ayttm: Connecting to <ip>... dialog), the other account shows that I go offline. Connecting again with Ayttm does not show me online from the other account/computer.

    Thanks for your time and feedback.

    • Jacob Lee Anawalt

      Ayttm 0.4.5-1 from the ayttm package on Debian Unstable.


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