Odd problems with Yahoo Messenger?

ken goudey
  • ken goudey

    ken goudey - 2004-01-07

    Is it just me, or is everyone having trouble connecting to about 3/4 of their Yahoo buddies?  For a few weeks I would drop "offline" in an awkward manner whereby I would receive messages, but be unable to send them, and now when I log in I can only see a small subset of the other people I know are online ('cause they're here in the office.)  Is it just routing related and specific only to me?  Some others' here are having problems too from what I can tell.  Did Yahoo break things?

    While I'm at it, there are two AIM users out there (one on GAIM and the other on AOL AIM) that I cannot chat with.  I do not see them on my friends list, and when they message me I get an "unknown error" pop up.  If I try to message them, I get a "user is offline" message.  Is this a known bug, or just me again?


    • Philip S Tellis

      Philip S Tellis - 2004-01-09

      you're probably using the old server - scs.yahoo.com
      you should really use scs.msg.yahoo.com - which yahoo changed to in september.

      that said, we can't log in on scs.msg.yahoo.com since today as they've changed auth a bit.

    • Anonymous - 2004-01-09

      I'm having issues with authorization today on the server "scs.msg.yahoo.com". 

      The error I'm seeing is "Could not log into Yahoo service - incorrect password.  Please verify that your password is correctly typed."

      I guess it'll be time to install a fresh build when this is resolved, then?  Bluesmoon could you tell us how to proceed or update this thread when somebody commits a fix?  I haven't been updating my installation through CVS, so it would be good to know when to go ahead.


      • Philip S Tellis

        Philip S Tellis - 2004-01-21

        this was fixed in cvs a week ago.
        better to post on the mailing list as i don't have easy access to these forums.


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