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Versioning issues

  • kdulcimer

    kdulcimer - 2009-01-24

    I package Ayttm for PCLinuxOS, and I'm wondering why the version number isn't increased for a new release when there have been changes to the code. Why are you just increasing the release number?

    Also, Ayttm 0.5.0-82 doesn't self-identify properly. It calls itself 0.5.0-45.

    • Siddhesh Poyarekar


      Sorry I saw this post only now -- did not get a notification for it. There haven't been too many major changes in the code base so far to justify a version number change. The next release definitely will since there are a number of big changes.

      As for the latest release not identifying itself properly, I'm not so sure about that since I have received no such bug reports from any of the other maintainers. Maybe you're doing something different in the build process or I'm missing out on some scenario? Send me your build logs.


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