Ayam new default renderer?

  • Stephen Huntley

    Stephen Huntley - 2006-01-16

    I would like to be a new Ayam user, but I have not been able to find the BMRT renderer, and I have not been able to configure Ayam with any of the alternate renderers.

    Since it doesn't seem like BMRT is coming back, it would be nice if you would consider adopting a new default renderer, and packaging Ayam to use it out of the box (or at least creating an alternate Ayam package that uses an easily-available renderer), so that new users can get up to speed with a reasonable amount of effort.

    • Randolf Schultz

      Randolf Schultz - 2006-01-16

      Hi Stephen,

      sorry, that you could not get it to work with a
      different renderer. It should be pretty simple,
      if the renderer is set up properly (executable
      search path and dynamic library search path)
      you just need to use "Special/Select Renderer"
      in Ayam to make Ayam render with it.
      Would you care to tell, what renderers you tried
      and what went wrong?

      Yes we were thinking about the switch to a different
      default renderer, and also a combined distribution,
      already. None of the available renderers could
      be made to work out of the box however, because
      they change too fast and sometimes in incompatible
      and (even worse) undocumented ways.

      Creating an integrated package will add much more
      work to our release manager. As it stands now,
      he has to create archives for four platforms,
      in total already six archives per release. An
      integrated package would raise this number to

      best regards,
      http://www.ayam3d.org/    Reconstruct the World!

    • Sergio

      Sergio - 2006-01-24

      Hi Stephen,

      BMRT you can find for any OS in the Yahoosgroups BMRTlist (Thank's Randolf...).

      Alternalively i can give my own exemplar for Linux.

      Other hand i think that Aqsis is yet a little better (also a little slower).

      Hope that help.

      Sergio (Serge.Coche@free.fr)


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