#147 Guid mismatch



Decrypt and launch of (filename) failed, the file does not appear to be produced by AxCrypt. Guid mismatch.

Now none of the files want to Decrypt error message:
1. Error in system call to CShellExt::QueryContextMenue()[loadbitmap()], The operation completed successfully (however it did not decrypt)

2. The requested lookup key was not found in any active activation context.

Please can you assist with this. For security reasons I am not inserting the actual file. Please understand and try to assist me none the less.

My email: carmen.visagie@standardbank.co.za
Tel: 011 2274565


  • Svante Seleborg

    Svante Seleborg - 2008-11-11

    Never post or send any files without prior arrangement.

    Please explain in further detail just what actions led to this situation. For how long has this worked? Where are the files located (hard disk, network, VPN, etc...)? Just what updates/changes/encryptions have you done recently? Etc.

    The message "Guid mismatch" indicates that the file is severly damaged, or not an AxCrypt-encrypted file at all.

    The message "CShellExt::QueryContextMenu..." indicates something is wrong with your Windows Explorer.

    The message "The request lookup key..." indicates something is wrong with your Internet Explorer and/or Windows installation.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hey, I'm having a similar issue as this person with a file I'm trying to open. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program, different ways to open it, but I get thet same dialog box. It doesn't include any details, it's just the lone dialog box that says:

    "Decrypt and launch of 'file.axx' failed, The file does not appear to be produce by AxCrypt. GUID mismatch."

    Even though it was encrypted with AxCrypt, and has the same file extension as an AxCrypt file. It was a .xls spreadsheet. Any other information you may need? No changes have been made to the file, and it's only been encrypted for about a week. Please let me know, thanks.

  • Svante Seleborg

    Svante Seleborg - 2009-11-29
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