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AxCrypt Release 1.5.2

Release 1.5.2 is now ready! It fixes a few annoyances, and one bug with a slight risk of data loss (changes only - if you're editing an encrypted file, and the removable drive or network drive it resides on is removed you run the risk of loosing that sessions edits - not the entire file).

See the change log for details.

Apart from that it also implements the much asked-for feature of encrypt-to-copy.... read more

Posted by Svante Seleborg 2004-05-06

AxCrypt Release 1.5b1.1

Beta 1 of what will become 1.5.2 is now available. This is a beta and should be used with caution - it does attempt to fix some problems and includes some new features as described in the the change log, but nevertheless do backup your data. It is also a complete migration and re-compile in Visual Studio 2002/VC7 from VC6 which is also a slight reason to be careful at first - but it should also be a slight bit faster. Finally, the documentation is incomplete, pending completion of clean-up and slight re-design of the web.... read more

Posted by Svante Seleborg 2004-04-20

AxCrypt Release 1.5.1

Well, here it is. Version 1.5.1, sporting self-decrypting files, stand-alone install-free decryption, updated user-interface supporting XP Styles, updated installation, update notifications many minor bug-fixes and improvements. Enjoy! (And do report bugs, annoyances and wishes!)

Posted by Svante Seleborg 2004-03-21

AxCrypt Release 1.5b0.9

This is release candidate 2 for 1.5.1. Very minor changes since the previous public beta. A slight improvement that may fix some problems with a mutex during installation on Win98 is the major change.

Posted by Svante Seleborg 2004-03-16

Release 1.5 Beta 0.5

This is essentially release candidate 1 for version 1.5. There are no further changes planned, and no known problems that need correction before final 1.5 release. Some minor adjustments from the last beta, and all translations are done except for Spanish - any volunteers? Please let me know of any problems with this release!

Posted by Svante Seleborg 2004-03-05

Release 1.5 Beta 0.4

Release 1.5 appears rather close now. With this release som minor fixes and changes are included, and a new 'About' function is implemented by popular demand. No more functionality is planned for relase 1.5. Still waiting for some language texts - Spanish anyone?

Posted by Svante Seleborg 2004-02-19

Release 1.5 Beta 0.3

A bug in the notification caused it to fail some times. Wipe and delete of directories finally works like one should expect, i.e. like the Windows Explorer delete - deleting the directories as well etc.

Any Spanish-speakers out there to help out with a bit of translation?

Posted by Svante Seleborg 2004-02-13

Release 1.5 Beta 0.2

Getting closer... This updated beta includes complete German and Italian language texts, as well as a few minor bug corrections. The most important one was a missing auto-horizontal-scroll setting in the first encrypt passphrase edit control, causing it to limit passphrase length to about 30. There are still two languages missing (French and Spanish) and there will be a few minor corrections and additions before final 1.5.1. release. Please - do remember to report bugs, annoyances, questions and comments to

Posted by Svante Seleborg 2004-02-12

Release 1.5 Beta 0.1

Beta 1 of release 1.5 is available for download. This _is_ a beta, it has not been extensively tested, and the translation to other languages than Swedish and English is not completed. It has some interesting new features including self decrypting files, stand alone install-free decrypter, support to generate and use full 128-bit key-files and support for Windows XP Visual Styles among many other lesser and greater enhancements and fixes.... read more

Posted by Svante Seleborg 2004-02-03

Release 1.4.3

Working hard to fix bugs... Results in this maintenance release. It's not a required upgrade, unless you have problems with 1.4.2 or earlier of course, but I still think its recommended. This release fixes some memory and handle leaks. 1.4.2 contained an update to the application launch logic that was not a full success, this release improves that quite a bit and it should now be better than ever! Also updated is the wild-card support from the command-line which works much better and more intuitively now. Enjoy!

Posted by Svante Seleborg 2003-08-11

Release 1.4.2

A week late on my own schedule, but finally...

Release 1.4.2 adds most of the features requested by users so far, with the exception of multi-file archives la WinZip and self-extracting archives. SFX's are next in line to be implemented. This release also fixes just about all reported bugs, or at least attempts to... There are many combinations of environments out there - and I don't have access to all of them ;-)... read more

Posted by Svante Seleborg 2003-07-03

Release 1.4.1

Please find release 1.4.1 available. It corrects some bugs and annoyances in 1.4 - thank you all who have mailed me and submitted reports here on sourceforeg - more! The more reports and suggestions, the more fixes and improvements! There is no new functionality, and no security related fixes. It's still my recommendation to update to this version.

Posted by Svante Seleborg 2003-01-06

Release 1.4

This release was slightly delayed due to other work, applying this and related encryption technology to digital rights management issues...
Anyway, here is a new improved version with several bug-fixes, some minore improvements and changes, and also sporting Italian texts by Stefano Paganini - Thank You!
All should upgrade, especially if you are running XP, or care about local PC security as there was a 'some-times' bug in the file-wiping.

Posted by Svante Seleborg 2002-11-28

Release - A few corrections

Please find available for download. This corrects a few errors in release 1.3, notably one which will cause AxCrypt to fail with an Access Violation if kept running for a while with frequent mouse activity (a memory leak).

Release early - release often ;-)

Posted by Svante Seleborg 2002-08-29

Release 1.3 available

I'm pleased to announce the availability of release 1.3, which now sports the capability to dynamically decide whether to use compression or not, speeding things up greatly in many cases. This release also contains some new twists to the command-line interface, which now is rather complete I believe for many purposes. Of course, some minor bugs and fixes have also been made.


Posted by Svante Seleborg 2002-08-25