AxCrypt Beta 1.5b4.5

I'm happy to announce a new beta of the next release of AxCrypt, sporting support and demonstration of some interesting new technologies. Static configuration information is moving into XML, and this and the executables are signed using strong elliptic curve digital signatures.

This means that AxCrypt is now self-verifying and resistant to all generic viruses, trojans and worms.

There's also support for a rather advanced and very strong short license signature technology based on reduced elliptic curve digital signatures to demonstrate it. A white paper is available on demand - it will be included in the documentation for the final release of course. This could possibly be the first strong license scheme to be published as open source - if you know differently, please tell me!

The installer is also signed using Microsoft Authenticode, making XP SP2 friendlier towards it.

There are also some minor bugs fixed.

Most changes will not be readily user-visible, but the source tree is changed quite a bit, as a very first step towards a more portable structure. Crypto++ library is now included for the digital signature support, and legacy SHA-1 and AES-code will soon be dropped in favor of this to reduce the size and enhance portability.

This is still a beta, so let me know how it works for you - especially if it works ok! Let me know the Windows version and other relevant parameters.

Oh, yes, we're also staring the process to change the company name from Axon Data to Axantum Software AB.

Send mail to axcrypt axantum com (fill in the blanks with '@' and '.' respectively).

Posted by Svante Seleborg 2004-10-05

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