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I read your blog post about this :

"The thing that cinched the decision to remove the installation directory was that I could not, try as I might, think of a single valid functional reason for changing it from the system default! Aesthetical, arguably yes. Functional, no."

For me it's not quite so simple as that :
After Windows is installed, "Programs" is already populated by a number of apps, but with no organizational structure. That makes it very difficult to locate say, four similar programs because they're not in one folder.
So I make an "Applications" folder within "Programs", and that contains an entire directory structure to keep everything organized.

So when I installed AxCrypt, now I've come across the one app out of hundreds that I can't put where I want it, and it kind of messes up my organization.
I have to make a mental note (how long will that last ?) that something is unique. You get enough "unique" and non-standard app characteristics like that and things can get out of hand.

I do understand all the reasons why you removed the choice - and they're all valid reasons - especially that you might end up with a lot of support requests because of bad installation choices. I just wish there was some middle ground.

The other thing is that there was no warning that there wouldn't be an install directory choice, and because of that I wasted a lot of time.
I started install, then realized it had installed already to "Programs" --> thought I'd missed something --> uninstalled --> checked the Registry to see if it really had uninstalled --> tried reinstalling --> saw that there was no choice --> checked the Registry to see what was going on and if there was a choice for install location --> went to axantum.com to find a support forum --> read a bunch of posts --> finally found the install faq --> now spending time writing this.

I think this could be prevented if you just put a little alert in the install that you won't get a choice, at least I wouldn't have had to waste all that time.
It's just not something you expect anymore when installing apps - I haven't seen that in years.

Anyway, it is a great program and I do thank you for that. I know I sound grouchy but I do like the program a lot.

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  • Svante Seleborg

    Svante Seleborg - 2012-06-01


    Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience. I'm sorry that it consumed part of your day first to figure out what was happening, and then writing your report.

    It's a double-edged sword - I want to make it really *easy* to install and get it right. Personally, I'm just annoyed by these endless wizard dialogs where I need to click 'Next', 'Next', 'Next', ..., 'Next' etc ad nauseum.

    I think I can make better choices about algorithms than 99.9% or more of the potential users of AxCrypt. The same applies to installation choices. So, in he interest of the vast majority, I simply remove as many choices as I can. This is no different from your iOS or Android mobile platform. Users don't get a choice there and I've not heard anything about that.

    The installation directory choice was there in previous versions, and caused much more grief than the removal of the choice did.

    However, there has popped up one relevant situation where installation location might be relevant, and that is with some Microsoft application virtualization tech where you need to install to typically Q: of all places.

    I'll consider if there's any way to reach middle ground as you call it here.

    Thank you for taking all the time to write up your experience.

    Best regards,


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    Anonymous - 2012-06-01

    Ok, thanks for your consideration.

    One middle road - and I'm sure you know of this - many installers offer a "typical" or "standard" install, and then a "Custom" install. I suppose most people just pick the "Standard install" but of course they'd still have the option of screwing things up.

    Myself, I'm one of those people that likes complete control and gets irritated when installers make decisions for me. The 'Next', 'Next', 'Next', ..., 'Next' etc takes a little more effort, but then again, you usually only have to do it once. (One time I did have to go through about eight dialogs, each with four of five choices, and I was starting to think . . .'Is there an end to this ?" ;-)

    Anyway, I want to say again, thanks very much for developing AxCrypt - it works very well and is quite useful. I just thought I'd give some feedback.



    San Francisco


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