#237 Key-file location not persistent


Using: AxCrypt-1.7.1878.0 / 32bit / WinXP SP3

I believe the key-file option is meant to be used with storing the key-file on a removable drive (like an USB key). But the location of the key-file is not remembered after removing the usb-key, when logging of or rebooting the system.

This makes the key-file option useless!

Workable usage scenario would be:
* Key-file location persistently set in Axcrypt to file on usb-key
* Usb-key connected: Encryption/Decription/Opening possible
* Usb-key disconnected: "Key-file not found/available" when trying to Encrypt/Decrypt/Open
* Usb-key connected again: Encryption/Decription/Opening possible (WITHOUT having to set the location again)

This would also need an option to set a "Clear Passphrase Memory"-time-limit for clearing the passphrase after X seconds or not remember it at all (= 0 sec.)


  • Hello,

    Thank you for this feedback! At least the folder should be remembered for convenience - at least if it's on a removable drive.

    I'll look into improving this feature, also the memory timeout - but I'll have to figure out a way to do this without cluttering up the interface with options and checkboxes...


  • Maybe to make things even less cluttered (i must say it's already minimal though): use an settings screen. You'll have one menu option more (not if you move the language menu-option in the settings screen) but less options on some other screens.

    Or make it a advanced option that can only be set in the registry.

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