#451 Windows 8 errors

AxCrypt (306)

Using Axcrypt 1.7.2867.0 with Windows 8. There was an installation error, but it installed. When I use the right-click context menu to encrypt or decrypt a file, I get and error dialog titled "Axcrypt 1.7.2867.0" with the message: "Invalid signature for: Axcrypt.exe" , sometimes followed by another error dialog. The file then seems to encrypt or decrypt OK, but if I try to encrypt/decrypt another file, nothing at all happens.


  • Svante Seleborg

    Svante Seleborg - 2012-10-29

    Thank you for reporting this. It may be some incompatibility with Windows 8, unfortunately I do not yet have a system to test. I will rectify that asap, but right now I don't. Although I doubt there's any difference in behavior, on principle you should always try the most recent version at http://www.axantum.com/ .

  • Svante Seleborg

    Svante Seleborg - 2012-10-29
    • status: open --> open-postponed
  • DrZzzz

    DrZzzz - 2012-10-29

    Thanks - AxCrypt-1.7.2931.0 fixes the problem with Win8 - everything works fine...


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