#625 Date Range


WEB SERVER NAME = Apache 1.3.6-7
If your site is online, give your awstats URL: http://www.etinternet.com/

Your problem description : Everything is working fine for the main domain. I was
setting up virtual domains and the "awstats(date).fcisolutions.com" files process
with the update command.

The problem: When I try to view results with a browser or the the html generated
with the command promt, I only get the first two months of data: January and
February. The log file I processed is really long and had over 2 years of data in it.
I eliminated files from the the "DirData" directory down to just last years data and
still only two months of results. So I took all files out. Then I put in only March. This
time no results. (I didn't do an update again)

I guess I need to rerun the update, but I only want data from one year. Do I need
to actually edit the log file to get the results I'm looking for? I.E. reduced the log
file down to just last years data and then run the update?

Thanks for your time.

Jim Frake


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    --Adendum: The only files I can put back in to
    the "DirData" directory to get results are the
    files "awstats012002.fcisolutions.com"
    or "awstats022002.fcisolutions.com". I cannot put any file
    in for any previous month. I thought about renaming all
    files from last year to 2002 dates. Would that work?

  • Forrest R. Stevens

    Logged In: YES

    Are you sure that the results aren't viewable? You need to click the "Year
    2001" link at the top of the page in order to view last year's data. (Don't
    think I'm being patronizing if you already knew that, we've had
    instances where people didn't know how to go back and view last year's

    The only reason I can think of why you'd lose a year's worth of
    data might be if you had upgraded from a very old version of AWStats right
    at the first of the year.

    If there does seem to be a problem and you have
    to re-run the data to get the results you're looking for, I'd suggest
    completely clearing out the data directory and completely rerunning
    the results.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Nope that fixed it! I just didn't see the years at the top
    of the page. Hey it's late and time to take out my contacts
    and put on the glasses!


  • Forrest R. Stevens

    Logged In: YES

    Great, glad there wasn't a problem with your data. Maybe we should make
    those links stand out more! :)


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