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OS VERSION (Windows/Unix): SuSe Linux 2.2.10
WEB SERVER NAME (IIS/Apache/...) + VERSION : Apache 1.3.6
PERL INTERPRETER NAME + VERSION (if known) : 5.005_03
Your problem description :

I installed awstats, configured it, and apache (log file format
is like README.TXT says), set rights to files etc....
I have put the workfiles in "/var/awstat-data" and this dir is
chmodded to 777. awstat writes files there like awstats_archive.log
and awstatsjun2001.tmp.10256.

When I try to load the page with the statistics there is no
info at all. Not even the date of my first visit. As i look in
the log i can find my apache log. So the rights are correct
i think. What can it be?

I think it's strange i miss files like awstatsjun2001.mysite.txt
or something.

I hope you can help.....


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    i have been looking in the code.... my suggestion is that
    the naming of "work" files differs from the monthly status files.
    one half is named "awstats062001...." and the others are referred
    as "awstatsjun2001...." i have tried to think of a way to correct
    this problem... looks to me as a bug ;)
    but i need much more time... maybe you guys can help
    I use build 32.. is there a newer version out there???

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I discovered that the logfile from my apache version puts the month
    without a capital. This means it says "jun" in stead of "Jun".

  • Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)

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    I added a change to next version to works even with lower
    case date.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I think I found the problem....
    right now i can't review the code but
    i changed the array containing month names
    and month numbers to uppercase and the statement
    that searches in this array I convert the
    month from the apache log file also to upper case.
    So using this conversion from Jun to JUN i seek
    for "JUN" in the array telling me "JUN" is 6.
    for me it seems to work... but i changed in a few
    minutes so dunno if that's stable


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