#1638 w3c log missing METHOD


I have my shoutcast logs here ready to be translated
and analyzed, but awstats won't even touch them

I'm not sure if this is awstats OR shoutcast causing this
as I have very little knowledge of standards regarding
web logs.

My logs dont have METHOD included
Log excerpt: c-24-3-206-69.client.comcast.net 2005-03-
20 06:15:19 /stream?title=Banco%20de%20Gaia%20%
2D%20Gates%20Does%20Windows 200
WinampMPEG%2F5%2E0 598016 36 132888

The awstat config I presumed would do the work:
LogFormat="%host %other %time2 %url %code %ua %
bytesd %other %other"

It simply results in:
Error: Your personalized LogFormat does not include all
fields required by AWStats (Add %methodurl or %
method in your LogFormat string).

I see many other shoutcast users troubled with the
same problem. the Shoutcast server is non-configurable
on all aspects on it's so-called "w3c logging".

Any way of making awstats simply ASSUME that the
method is GET ?


  • Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)

    Logged In: YES

    No there is no way. You must preprocess your log file to add
    this field or find a way to add it from shoutcast.

  • Ryan Gehrig

    Ryan Gehrig - 2011-04-20

    You have to parse the file using another method before Awstats can parse the Shoutcast w3c file. I made a post on the Winamp forums about this for anyone interested:



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