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AWStats 7.1 stable is ready

The Advanced Web Log Analyzer version 7.1 contains new features and bug fixes. This is changelog:

New features/improvements:
- Update translations.
- Update browsers list.
- Add example of nginx setup.
- Add some patches from debian package.
- Rename domain name into documentation to
- Can allow urls with awredir without using md5 key parameter.
- Usage of databasebreak option possible with awstats_buildstaticpages.
- Add rel=nofollow on links.
- Add option AddLinkToExternalCGIWrapper to add link to a wrapper script
into each title of Dolibarr reports. This can be used to add a wrapper
to download data into a CSV file for example.
- Compatible with recent Perl version.

Posted by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy) 2012-12-10 Labels: awstats 7.1 release

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