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AWStats 7.0 stable is ready

AWStats 7.0 is ready for download

The Advanced Web Log Analyzer version 7.0 contains new features and bug fixes. This is changelog:

New features/improvements:
- Detect Windows 7.
- Can format numbers according to language.
- More mime types.
- Added geoip_asn_maxmind plugin.
- Geoip Maxmind city plugin have now override file capabilities to complete
missing entries in geoip maxmind database.
- Added graphgooglechartapi to use online Google chart api to build graph.
- Can show map of country to report countries when using
- Part of codes was change to use more functions and have a cleaner code.
- Added parameter to ignore missing log files when merging for a site on
multiple servers where a single server may not have created a log for
a given day.
- Update robots database.
- Added Download tracking where certain mime types are defined as downloads
and HTTP status 206 is tracked as download continuation
- Can use wrapper with parameters in WrapperScript parameter.
- Change to allow usage of AWStats inside a plugin
for Opensource Dolibarr ERP & CRM software (

Thanks to Chris Larsen (author of most thoses changes).

- Webmin module works with new version of webmin.
- Security fix (Traverse directory of LoadPlugin)
- Security fix (Limit config to defined directory to avoid access to
config file via a nfs or webdav link).

Download links are available on AWStats official web site:

Posted by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy) 2011-03-02

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