AWStats 5.9 final has been released

AWStats 5.9 final is ready

I am pleased to announce that AWStats 5.9 final has been released.

Because a lot of changes were already ready in 5.9 before I officialy release the 5.8, I decided to release directly to 5.9. Version 5.9 (that include 5.8) is an update that fix minor bugs and add new features.
You can download 5.9 from AWStats official web site:

One of the most important new feature are the webmin module and the PDF export.




The ShowLinksToWhoIs parameter has been removed since 5.7. You must enable the
plugin 'hostinfo' to get the same result, if it was used. Note 2:
If upgrading from 5.5 or lower, you should remove the "robots.txt" and
"favicon.ico" entries in the SkipFiles parameter in your config files after
updgrade. If not done, the "Add to favourites" feature won't work. Note 3:
To have the screen size and misc report working, you must add the following tag
<script language=javascript src="/js/awstats_more_tracker.js"></script>
in your home page.


- Several fixes in
Fixed wrong parsing for qmail log files.
Support mail errors in qmail log files.
Return code for postfix log were all reported in error for mails sent to
several recipients when one recipient was in error.
- Fixed wrong percentage in cluster report.
- Return code for postfix log were all reported in error for mails sent to
several recipients when one recipient was in error.
- Fix a not closing HTML TR tag in full list of hosts.
- can accept month on 1 digit.
- no more try to build pages awstats.misc.html
and awstats.filetypes.html that does not exists.
- A lot of fix in PDF export:
Graph in PDF export are no more inverted.
The link "close window" in generated PDF pages is replaced by "back to main
Infos popup window from hostinfo plugin is not included in PDF export. Popup
can't work into PDF.
PDF export seems to work correctly now.
- and hotmail.msn. refering pages are no more reported as
search engines.
- Fixed wrong number of column for "other" row in host chart.
- Fixed problem of parsing with uabracket and refererquot.
- Fixed wrong use of config file in rawlog plugin.
- Some changes on
maillogconvert support more exotic sendmail log files.
Fixed pb of '-' in relay hostname.
When a mail is sent to 2 different receivers, now report 2 records.
When a forward is active, report the original receiver, not the
"forwarded to".
- Fixed not working timezone plugin with 5.7.
- Fixed missing propagated configdir parameter when changing month/year.
- Error when loading database pm file with some cygwin perl version.
- Fixed not working file type detection for default pages.

New features/improvements:
- AWStats Webmin module updated to 1.1
- Added the AllowFullYearView parameter.
- Year entry in combo box is now the localized text for "Year" instead of '---'
- Option -noloadplugin of can accept a list of
plugins separated by comma.
- Support mail errors for qmail log files.
- Added the -diricons option from
- Enhance the 'Extra' feature with parameters ExtraSectionFirstColumnFormatX,
ExtraSectionAddAverageRowX, ExtraSectionAddSumRowX.
Also add a dedicated page in documentation.
- Added %lognamequot and %otherquot tag for LogFormat parameter.
- Added OnlyUserAgents parameter.
- Added tool.

- Added rpm, deb and msi mime types
- Added documentation page for using AWStats Webmin module
- Deprecated %time1b tag (%time1 can be used).
- Updated documentation.

Laurent Destailleur for AWStats.


Posted by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy) 2003-09-25

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