AWStats 5.7 Beta is ready

AWStats 5.7 Beta is ready

I am pleased to announce that AWStats 5.7 beta is ready.

Version 5.7 is an update that fix minor bugs and add new features.

This new version is for the moment a beta version. If you
look for a stable version, please use 5.6.

You can download 5.7 beta from AWStats official web site:
Beta version is available in tgz package only.


Note 1:
The ShowLinksToWhoIs parameter has been removed. You must enable the plugin
'hostinfo' to get the same result, if it was used.
Note 2:
If upgrading from 5.5 or lower, you should remove the "robots.txt" and
"favicon.ico" entries in the SkipFiles parameter in your config files after
updgrade. If not done, the "Add to favourites" feature won't work. Note 3:
To have the screen size and misc report working, you must add the following tag
<script language=javascript src="/js/awstats_more_tracker.js"></script>
in your home page.


- Fix failing call to ipv6 plugin.
- Pb with some regex value used in the new REGEX fields added in 5.6.
- Count for add to favourites is done on hits to favicon.ico for IE only. This
avoid counting wrong "Add" done by browsers that hit the file even when no
add is done. Value reported is the (count for IE) / (ratio of IE among all
other browsers).
- Count for Browsers with WMA audio playing support now works.
- Fix problem with default ShowFlagLinks defined to 1 instead of '' when not
included in config file.
- Road runner browsers detection problems.
- syslog tag can accept hostname with not only a-z chars.
- "&nbsp" changed to "&nbsp;" in miscellanous chart.
- Geoip lookup is always done (as it should) on ip when ip is known, even if
DNSLookup is enabled and successfull. This increase seriously AWStats speed
when DNSLookup and Geoip are both enabled.

New features/improvements:
- Added 'rawlog' plugin to add a form to show raw log content with filter
- Added for analyzing mail log files (better support
for sendmail, postfix and qmail log files).
- Added -addfilenum option in
- Added -updatefor option to limit number of lines parsed in one update
- Added support for Darwin streaming server.
- Added Firebird browser detection.
- Better management of plugin load failure.
- Added LogType parameter.
- Added option -dnscache= in to use dns static file.
- The HostAliases list parameter is used to check if a log that contains
%virtualhost field should be qualified.
- Minor bug fixes.
- can also build a PDF file (experimental
feature that need htmldoc tool).

- The "Popup WhoIs link" code is now handled by new 'hostinfo' plugin.
- Added mp4 mime type.
- Updated documentation.

Posted by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy) 2003-08-04

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